Cows deliver nature’s original fertilizer.manure management crop

Manure is a natural by-product of milk production.  It is nature’s original fertilizer and provides essential nutrients for plants. By using manure as fertilizer, we increase the soil’s ability to hold moisture and reduce the use of commercial fertilizers.

All Oregon dairy farms follow a plan to recycle manure and are regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  Farms are inspected at least once a year to ensure regulations are followed.

Dairy farms are not allowed to pollute. This includes discharges of manure or waste water into surface or ground water. Appropriately, dairy farmers are held directly accountable if such discharges occur.

Managing Manure

Manure is frequently cleaned from living spaces and facilities.  It is stored in a manure storage facility until the conditions are right for applying on crops and fields.  Neither manure nor waste water is allowed to seep from barns or holding ponds.

Dairy farmers have a detailed plan for managing manure on their farm.  Manure is managed in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner, protecting the farm’s natural resources.

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