Farming in concert with the rhythm of the land.northwest environment

Dairy farmers have lived and worked in concert with the rhythm of the land for generations.  They are caretakers and stewards who are committed to preserving and protecting the Northwest’s natural beauty for generations to come.  You can see their pride in how they respect the land, environment and re-use natural resources.

The Northwest is blessed with broad valleys, open spaces, and vast natural resources. Dairy farms conserve this open space and create habitat for local wildlife.  Many farm families also live on the land they farm, and share the same natural resources with their animals

Dairy farmers are responsible water users.  Water is re-used several times on the farm before it is irrigated on crops and fields.  Dairy cows drink a lot of water to be healthy and make quality milk, so water conservation is very important.  Farms of all sizes meet state and federal standards for water quality and work to minimize any effect their farms may have on the land and environment.

dariy reuse waterThe dairy industry at both the local and national levels continues to look at new ways to sustainably provide America with a variety of dairy foods.  At the local level, the Northwest Sustainable Dairies program lists the best management practices already occurring on NW farms.  It also serves as a guidebook for famers looking to add more green practices to their business.   Our national partners at the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy are working with volunteers from more than 300 organizations including representatives from academia, government, and non-government organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and the University of Michigan to seek more ways to collaborate for a healthy planet.

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