Dispatches from the dairy farm.

Warren and Lori Chamberlain from Vale on family, cow wellness, and natural quality.

Do you ever get attached to your animals?

“Cows are not pets, of course. But raising cows from little to mature, they do become part of your family. Those cows just have a personality and they become part of your inner circle. It is important to me to know that the cows are being taken care of. The calves are mostly my thing. It’s important that they are fed right. I keep them on a certain feeding regimen. I put coats on them in the winter. We have to figure out what works best for each calf.” – Lori

How can you tell if your cows are feeling okay?

“One of the reasons I like the jerseys is that they are curious cows. I like to walk out in the pen. I like them smelling me and nudging me. They are small and cute. If you walk out there, and the cow that usually rubs up against you isn’t rubbing, there is a reason for it. You can tell something is wrong. Animals don’t lie. If they don’t feel good, they don’t produce milk. And so, the whole object is to make them feel good, so they can naturally produce more milk.” – Warren


What do you want people to know about your milk quality?

“Milk is one of the most nutritional products ever. It’s just one of those foods that has a little bit of everything in it. And it’s our job to do everything we can to protect milk’s natural quality. We keep the cows healthy, clean, and dry, which all comes back to the quality. If you do all those things, the quality is going to be good naturally. And that is what we strive for—the best quality. And if you take care of the cattle, then they will take care of you.  It coincides.” – Warren

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