Ice Cream: Perhaps the happiest food in the land.two girls with ice cream cones

Assigning a specific emotion to food might seem farfetched. But when that food is ice cream, and the origin is the Pacific Northwest, the whole concept of happiness starts to make genuine sense.

Every scoop begins with the best possible ingredients, not the least of which is Pacific Northwest milk and cream. Then add sweeteners and flavorings and maybe an egg. And so begin the grins.

The calorie and fat content ice cream varies depending on the type of milk used and the addition of cream, egg yolk solids or sweetening agents. [1]  But here is a reliable guide:

  • Reduced fat ice cream has 25% less fat than regular
  • Light ice cream has at least 50% less fat than regular
  • Fat free ice cream has less than .5% grams of fat per serving

In many local households, an open container of ice cream quickly becomes an empty container. But if you’re concerned about storing an open container, the best bet is to protect it with plastic wrap. And of course it’s best to avoid melting and then refreezing, as this may hasten the formation of unwanted crystals.



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