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There is a definite sense of family among the staff here at the Oregon Dairy Products Commission. Of course, that's what happens when you assemble a group of talented and motivated professionals for purposes of furthering the interests of the region's dairy farm families. ODPC is an equal opportunity employer that honors diversity, and is keenly interested in the health, wellbeing and workplace happiness of its employees. We strive for high job satisfaction. Opportunity for personal and professional growth is ever present. And the work environment is genuine pleasure. Who knows? Perhaps you'll find yourself working with us one day.

Following are our current openings:


Director of School Marketing & Programs

The Director of School Marketing & Programs will lead the investment by Oregon’s dairy farm families to create a sustainable, positive difference in Oregon K-12 schools.  In a leadership role, the Director will administer two key initiatives:  Oregon’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program, and develop business strategies and opportunities to increase dairy consumption within the school environment.

Working with schools, school districts, food service providers, and dairy processors, the Director also will develop a long-term business model to increase the accessibility and consumption of dairy foods in the school channel.

The Director of School Marketing & Programs serves as the Commission’s primary lead for planning, executing, tracking, and reporting school marketing and school program initiatives.

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